Without the need for overtime or late-night shifts, teams can collaborate to fulfill deadlines. Employees in the one-time zone can hand over half-finished projects to peers in another time zone to finish. A third technique for working across different time zones and schedules is to be flexible and adaptable to the changing needs and situations of your projects and contacts.

Erhard added that having an international team broadens the candidates who could potentially join your company, which translates to an overall stronger and more skilled team. By doing all of that, you are setting the ground for a clear communication flow, which will leave no room for speculation. To do it efficiently, you must pick and set up the proper communication channel like MS Teams or Slack and identify what type of information should be disclosed and when.

Why do we need a national emergency warning test?

The most popular company channels in team chat apps usually include those public, #random channels, or some more specific channels that gather people who share the same interests (e.g. #books, #gaming, #memes). Ideally, these virtual spaces would inspire teams to add to the informal chat thread, regardless of the time they logged in. Speaking of connection among teammates, working remotely in a different time zone makes it almost impossible to keep the team spirit and social engagement up.

Fortunately, that flexibility can be easily accomplished through collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, etc. Because supervisors cannot see remote workers, they cannot contact them every hour or so for updates. Too much messaging or calling your team members can cause unnecessary stress, inhibit productivity, and eventually lead to a hostile work atmosphere. Managers should instead give their workers some leeway when it comes to setting work schedules or deadlines, as long as they deliver high-quality results. When we meet someone new, we frequently think they are in the same time zone as ourselves.

All the benefits of a distributed workforce – with none of the headache

However, it’s becoming increasingly hard to argue against the benefits of remote work. The upcoming test of the Emergency Alert System “will be similar to the regular, monthly EAS test messages with which the public is familiar,” said FEMA. The Emergency Alert System test is scheduled to launch at the same time as the wireless portion, but will only last for one minute.

  • Your employees’ communication styles, collaboration methods, and work schedules are largely impacted by their cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Building an asynchronous culture can seem intimidating but you’ll need to if you plan to work across time zones.
  • You can invite your team members to join a private group or a public channel in the team chat app you use — for example, you can name the channel #group-activities, #team_fun_times, or simply, #team-building.
  • Every employee is also assigned a random “pair partner” each week— that means we’ll jump on a call with one of our colleagues just see how things are going, and perhaps work together on a cross-team project.
  • You can ask everyone to share a fun fact about the city or town they are in.
  • Not to mention that if all time zones are covered, then the company can serve its customers 24/7 without the need for late-night shifts.

Keep in mind that conflict and misinterpretation can be prevented in the future with a careful understanding of cultural norms. Moreover, you can utilize task management software like Asana and Trello to monitor progress and hold one another responsible for tasks that should be done. Also, you can set definite deadlines for every task so everybody knows the timeframe within which they must finish their part.

How to succeed working across time zones

Even still, odds are you’ll be working with someone who’s not online at the same time as you. Every employee is also assigned a random “pair partner” each week— that means we’ll jump on a call with one of our colleagues just see how things are going, and perhaps work together on a cross-team project. Staying up a bit late or getting up an hour earlier isn’t a bad tradeoff for a job you love, but how about 2 a.m.? That’s what The Year Without Pants author, Berkun, encountered when he worked at Automattic.

working across time zones

With the ever-increasing demand for a workforce that can work across time zones, a lot of pressure has also emanated from the failure to maintain a work-life balance. This is because the majority of the time, there isn’t any separation of the two. Some employees have to work during midnight hours in order to accommodate others and hence one’s sleeping pattern changes and if not managed, demotivation, brain drain can arise. Companies must therefore ensure that their policy implemented promotes work-life balance.